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 Screen CaptureSimple Video Capture Sample Program
The purpose of this program is to demonstrate how to capture data from a video source with API calls from within Visual Basic 5.0. This program was built using another sample program that I found on the web that was coded in C. Since I was unable to find any Visual Basic examples, I thought it would be helpful to post my efforts to the public.

What Does This Program Do?
VB Memcap provides access to the video drivers Display, Format, and Source panels, Start capture (press Escape to stop), and a Preview toggle. When capturing frames, the Beep command is executed when a new frame is ready. This Beep command can be replaced with whatever you like.

Screen CaptureAdvance Video Capture Sample Program
The purpose of this program is to demonstrate some of the more complicated features of Video for Windows. Most of the programs was coded to answer "How do I do this" questions that were sent to me after I posted the Simple Sample.

What Does This Program Do?
Some of the features of this program are:

Switch between multiple capture devices
Capturing video to a file
Accessing DIB data for captured frames
Copying a frame to the Clipboard
Scaling the preview window
Displays the preview in a MDI window
Always on top mode

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Simple Video Capture Sample
SIMPLE.ZIP 8,362 bytes 03/10/98
Advanced Video Capture Sample
ADVANCED.ZIP 21,897 bytes 03/18/98
Programming Video for Windows by E. J. Bantz
(An explanation how to program Video for Windows with Visual Basic 5.0)
The original C source code
Video for Windows Development Kit

Although I do not provide support for any of these files, I am interested in making sure VBAVICAP.BAS functions properly. I haven't fully tested the file out, so if you find any errors, please send them my way. Also feel free to send questions and comments.

Good luck and have fun programming!

E. J. Bantz