AlwaysOnTop v0.99 is Now
Available for Download (4/06/98)

Welcome to AlwaysOnTop for Window 95/NT. This tiny program is going to make your computing experience more efficient and more enjoyable! AOT sits quietly in your system tray. Right clicking on its icon brings up a list of all the windows that are currently running. When you select one, it forces that window to stay in front of all the other windows. Selecting it again returns it back to normal.

AOT Runs in the System Tray!
AOT will be sitting there next to your system clock wait for you to right click it.
Install and Uninstall
Although I’m sure you’ll use AOT quite often, some people may choose to remove it from their system.
Popular Uses
Use AOT to keep your AOL Buddy list visible at all times. Keep your CD Player handy. Keep a Command Prompt up front.

Program Author: E. J. Bantz
This page last update on: Tuesday November 02, 1999